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Use Your Words

Mar 25, 2020

Before the Corona virus, one of the big things on the nightly news was the lawsuits regarding transgendered athletes coming out of the high schools and the various states implementing rules for high school athletes.  What does the NCAA and International Olympic Committee say about transgendered participants in...

Mar 23, 2020

Celebrities are attempting to keep relevant in this day of social distancing.  They are singing bad cover songs, and interviewing each other to try to show that they care.  The optics are bad - but there is some good that can come out from it.

Mar 18, 2020

On January 26th, 2020 it was revealed that Kobe Bryant and his daughter were on a helicopter which crashed, killing all aboard.  Being one of the most well known basketball players, Kobe was mourned worldwide after his death - so much so that it seemed at times that the others who perished in the crash were...

Mar 16, 2020

The panic over Covid-19 continues around the world.  It has gone from somewhat comical to see the toilet paper isle empty to starting to get downright scary that the rest of the store is now starting to follow suit.  Now instead of just toilet paper being out everywhere, milk, cereal, water, soda, cold and flu medicine,...

Mar 11, 2020

One of Paul's favorite bands is The Classic Crime.  One of their songs - Shades of Green - has the following lyrics

Gave up God for lent this year
Stopped going to the church
Learned to fight within myself
The war beyond the words
Found a way to reconcile
Forget my fears and learn
The inner price of peace
From endless...